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  • Reaction Kettle

    Reaction Kettle

    10 years of experience in manufacturing Reaction Kettle, for concentration of liquid material in pharmaceutical, food, light industry and chemical industry. According to the nature of the material, the reactor can be made of stainless steel cans. The reactor consists of a tank body, a pot cover, an agitator, a transmission shaft, a shaft
  • Heat Exchanger

    Heat Exchanger

    Liansheng provides you with all kinds of Heat Exchangers with the industry benchmarking quality. Has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. It is widely used in heating and heating, bathing, air conditioning, hydraulic system, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy
  • Storage Tank

    Storage Tank

    We design and manufacture various kinds of storage tanks according to the technological requirements of users.Stainless steel liquid storage tank with high-quality sanitary grade stainless steel, the tank with a single or double-layer structure, comes with the activities of the wheel. Widely used in food, fruit juice drinks, dairy product