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Stainless Steel Tank Hydraulic Pressure Test To Go Through What Steps?
Jan 11, 2018

In order to ensure the quality of the stainless steel storage tank in production, it needs to be tested for the hydraulic pressure. There are mainly four aspects of knowledge about the hydraulic pressure test of the stainless steel storage tank. First of all, you must classify the tanks that need to be hydrostatically tested, because of the different material tanks, the way of hydrostatic testing is different.


Second, when the stainless steel storage tank is manufactured at the end of production, it is necessary to carry out the relevant test on the water pressure. If the seller of the stainless steel storage tank has some requirements on the core-pulling inspection, When it is necessary to use clean water.


In the stainless steel tank when the pressure test, as far as possible before the pressure test system for comprehensive testing, especially for each system interface, as well as the tightness of the connection point detection; there is the installation Is not in place to ensure that it is sealed and reliable.


Subsequently, the stainless steel tanks that need water pressure test are also to be prepared for pressure and water filling. For the voltage regulation, it is required to ensure about 30 minutes, and then check the deformation and leakage, if there is no abnormal situation , You can stress the design of stainless steel tanks.


It should be noted that the sealing surface of the stainless steel tank must be carried out in detail the test, including the location of the weld and the entire leak, etc., to avoid the presence of all adverse factors to ensure that the stainless steel tank in good condition Put into use.