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Work before hoisting and core-pulling of heat exchanger
Sep 08, 2020

A. Before the disassembly of the heat exchanger, the compression length and size of the plate bundle shall be measured and recorded. When reassembling, such size shall be followed.


B. In the core-pulling test of heat exchanger, the core-pulling machine should have enough pulling force and propelling force, which can be automatically aligned, with stable center of gravity, flexible operation, safe and reliable.


C. When the heat exchanger is core-pulling, the disassembled parts shall be marked and properly kept.


D. When the heat exchanger core is lifted from the core-pulling machine to the ground, it shall not directly bind the bundle with wire rope or other sharp spindles. When the bundle is placed horizontally, it shall be supported on the tube plate or support plate.


E. During the hoisting of heat exchangers, the personnel participating in the lifting construction shall obtain the certificates of "Special Equipment Operator Qualification" and "Special Equipment Operator Qualification".

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