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Whether the reaction container and the measuring cylinder are in the specific case
Nov 28, 2018

A reaction vessel, which is a type of vessel used to carry out the reaction, is therefore of many specific types. For all of us, we need to have a deep understanding and comprehensive understanding of this type of container, in order to know what it is and how to use it correctly and correctly, and then have a good use effect on the use of the product.


1. Is the reaction container widely used in industrial production?

In the industrial production, the reaction vessel is widely used from the current point of view, especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer and refining industries. It is used as a pressure-bearing equipment in the process. In addition, the reaction vessel can be said to be various in specific types, such as a test tube, an evaporating dish, a crucible, a burning spoon, a beaker, a flask, a conical flask, a gas cylinder, a funnel, and the like.


2. Can the gas cylinder be used as a reaction vessel?

A gas cylinder, which can be used as a reaction vessel, but has some precautions, specifically: it can not be used as a liquid reaction vessel, but can be used as a gas reaction vessel, such as some substances in oxygen. Burning. In addition, when performing a combustion test, some safety precautions, such as anti-fracture, are required.


3. Why can't the measuring cylinder be heated or used as a reaction container?

This is because the measuring cylinder is a kind of glass used for the two-zone liquid. The scale of the measuring cylinder refers to the volume of the temperature at 20 ° C. When the temperature rises, the measuring cylinder will thermally expand and the volume will increase. Moreover, chemical reactions cannot be performed in the graduated cylinder to avoid damage to the cylinder or danger.


4. Is the reaction vessel a reaction vessel? Why does the reaction vessel require dry and anhydrous in the preparation experiment of acetylsalicylic acid?

A reaction vessel, which is a reaction vessel for the production of chemical products. It is also a pressure vessel. It can be used to produce synthetic products for many chemical products according to its specifications and product parameters and raw material types. It is also the core and key equipment of chemical plants. Other materials and auxiliary equipment and facilities are needed, so that is the case. In the preparation experiment of acetylsalicylic acid, the reaction vessel is required to be dry and anhydrous because the molecular structure of acetylsalicylic acid contains an ester bond, and the ester bond is easily hydrolyzed, so that it is to avoid hydrolysis of acetylsalicylic acid. problem.

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