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Where is the resin reactor installed and what are the installation requirements?
Nov 26, 2018

The resin reactor should be placed indoors. When equipped with multiple autoclaves, they should be placed separately to ensure that the equipment is well ventilated; and each operating room should have a safe exit to the outside or the passage. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the working environment temperature of the resin reactor: +5 ~ +40 ° C, no humidity for the humidity: 0 ~ 85% RH; ensure that the instrument case and its accessories are away from the liquid.


In order to allow the resin reactor to operate normally, its voltage is 220V (-10 ~ +15%) and the frequency is 50 ± 2Hz. The ground of the main chassis must be grounded and the grounding resistance is ≤ 4Ω. Unless otherwise specified, the power line grounding wire, the power switch should use a quick-acting circuit breaker with leakage protection. It is also necessary to ensure the stability of the three-phase power supply, and the power supply phase voltage must not exceed 240V.


When installing the resin reactor kettle lid, the sealing surfaces between the kettle lids of the reactor should be prevented from colliding with each other; the mainframe should be placed perpendicular to the ground during installation; and the control system and its components of the reactor should be well ventilated to enable it to Better control of the operation of the resin reactor.

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