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What types of chemical mixing tank stirring device, what are the characteristics?
Jun 11, 2018

The chemical mixing tank is a tank equipment that mixes and agitates the materials in the chemical production process. It is mainly composed of a tank body, a head, a motor, a stirring device, and a plurality of supporting legs, and the tank mainly provides a mixture for the processing materials. In the reaction space, the motor drives the stirring device to mix and stir the materials in the tank.


As the main device of the chemical mixing tank, the stirring device plays a vital role in the uniform mixing of the materials, so the choice of the agitator is very important. Chemical mixing tanks can be divided into paddle stirrers, screw stirrers, frame stirrers, turbine stirrers, screw ribbon stirrers, dispersion stirrers, and high shear mixers. Has different characteristics and scope of application.


In the case of a paddle stirrer, it is generally operated in a laminar state of a chemical mixing tank and is suitable for low-viscosity homogeneous, homogeneous, homogeneous, dissolved, crystallized, or high-viscosity large-diameter multi-layer low-speed stirring. The box-type stirrer can adapt to a variety of geometric shapes of chemical tanks, stirring horizontal ring-oriented, generally working in laminar state. It is suitable for the operation of mixing, heat transfer, and dissolving non-uniform mass transfer reactions with low-viscosity fluid level change or medium-high viscosity.


As a common stirring device for chemical mixing tanks, the spiral stirrer has the characteristics of good performance and low shear force, so it is more suitable for low viscosity mixing, dissolution, solid suspension, heat transfer, reaction, mass transfer, and crystallization operations. . The dispersion stirrer can show the effect of mixing and blending well, and stirring with medium or high speed can make the material dissolve quickly and the particles become smaller.


If the mixing tank is equipped with a high-shear stirrer, it not only has a high rotational speed, but it can also be used to shear and refine the material. It can also be used for liquid materials with granules to achieve homogeneous and emulsifying effects. It is more suitable for mixing, micro-viscous crystallization, dispersion, reaction, dissolved suspension, heat transfer operation and turbine agitator shaft, it has better convection circulation capacity and turbulent diffusion capacity.


Under normal circumstances, if the chemical mixing tank has a large diameter and a high liquid layer, a twin-screw ribbon stirrer is usually selected; if a small-diameter chemical mixing tank is suitable, a single ribbon stirrer is suitable for ensuring uniform mixing. effect.

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