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What is the water flow rate range for industrial heat exchangers
May 25, 2019

In the actual use of industrial heat exchangers, when the medium in the pipe is water, used to heat or cool the air, it is more reasonable to use the flow rate. The flow rate in the finned tube of an industrial heat exchanger depends on the pumping pressure, so in addition to considering the water side resistance, the heat exchanger effect should be emphasized for the heat exchanger designer. Because the heat exchange effect of the industrial heat exchanger depends in part on whether the flow state of the water in the pipe is laminar or turbulent.


The medium in the industrial heat exchanger tube meets the turbulent flow state, and its Reynolds number should be above 10,000. In order to minimize the water side pressure drop and let the turbulent flow, we set the water side Reynolds number range between 10000-30000, and the water flow rate is reasonable. The value ranges from 0.3 to 2 m/s. The water flow in this interval is turbulent and can achieve the heat transfer effect of industrial heat exchangers.


In the specific heat exchanger design process, the specific water flow rate and water resistance should be calculated according to the actual parameters to ensure the selection of a suitable industrial heat exchanger. When the industrial heat exchanger tube is used, the fan is turned off first, then the steam is turned off; if it is hot water, the hot water is turned off first, and the fan is turned

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