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What is the installation procedure of the spiral tube heat exchanger
Apr 07, 2019

Before installing the spiral plate heat exchanger, check whether the deviation of the dimensions of each part of the heat exchanger meets the requirements of the standard. And on the basis of the movable support side, the skateboard should be pre-embedded, and the anchor bolts are provided on both sides of the anchor bolt. After the equipment is leveled, the diagonal horn can be welded to the base plate of the equipment, but it must not be welded to the flat horn or skateboard below, and the horn must be smooth and flat to ensure the free expansion and contraction of the movable support.


The anchor bolts of the movable support of the spiral plate heat exchanger shall be fitted with two tightened nuts, and a gap of 1~3MM shall be left between the nut and the bottom plate to allow the bottom plate to slide freely. The allowable deviation of the spiral plate heat exchanger after installation shall meet the following requirements: elevation 3MM; verticality (vertical) 1/1000 and not more than 5MM; horizontal (horizontal) 1/1000 and not greater than 5MM c center Displacement 5MM.


The pipeline connected to the spiral plate heat exchanger should be connected in a state of no force to avoid strong assembly, and should not interfere with the thermal expansion of the heat exchanger. The spiral plate heat exchanger is installed and aligned, and after the leveling is fixed, the installation of pipes, valves and safety accessories can be carried out. The installation method can refer to the installation of the

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