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What is the difference between a plate heat exchanger and a heat pump heat exchanger
Sep 13, 2020

As two commonly used heat exchange equipment, plate heat exchanger and heat pump heat exchanger are always compared by people. Today, in order to let you understand this problem, the differences between them are sorted out as follows:


1. Plate heat exchanger is smaller than heat pump heat exchanger and occupies less area. The floor space of plate heat exchanger is about 30% of that of heat pump heat exchanger with the same heat exchange capacity.


2. Plate heat exchanger has higher heat transfer efficiency. The plate heat exchanger can make the two heat exchange fluids at a lower flow rate, enhance the disturbance and arouse the turbulence, thus enhancing the heat transfer. Heat pump heat exchangers are relatively much lower.


3. Plate heat exchanger is more flexible in assembly than heat pump heat exchanger. When it is required to change the process conditions and output, the plate heat exchanger can meet the requirements as long as it increases or decreases the number of plates or changes the channel form of the plate assembly process.


4. Plate heat exchanger loses less heat than heat pump heat exchanger.


Because only the edges around the plate are exposed to the atmosphere, the heat loss of plate heat exchanger is only about 1%, and no insulation layer is needed. Heat pump heat exchangers need to use insulation layer.


5, plate heat exchanger metal consumption is lower than heat pump heat exchanger.


The plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of stainless steel or titanium alloy pressed heat transfer sheet, sealant pad, clamping bolts and the whole frame of the compactor plate. Heat pump heat exchangers also need other metal assembly.

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