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What is common in tubular heating in winter heating
Feb 23, 2019

Winter heating is now an important part of our lives, especially in the north. In the heating engineering equipment, the tubular heat exchanger is the most critical one. The tubular heat exchanger is also one of the industrial heat exchange methods, the most widely used and most convenient one.


The tube heat exchanger is actually a partition wall heat exchanger. In general, it consists of a casing, a tube bundle, a tube sheet and a head. The common type of tubular heat exchanger is mainly fixed tube plate type. This type of tubular heat exchanger is welded to the casing to make the tubular heat exchanger strong in fixing, and also ensures the tube. The process of installing the heat exchanger at the time of installation is relatively simple.


However, the housing of the tubular heat exchanger is relatively difficult to clean, and it is not easy to flip due to weight. In addition, there is a floating-head heat exchanger. The tubular heat exchanger has a relatively large tube box, and the housing is relatively flexible and convenient to move. It is a tubular heat exchanger that can be moved at will.


The last one is the “u” type tubular heat exchanger. The shape of the tubular heat exchanger is “U” type, and the shell and heat exchanger of the tubular heat exchanger are designed. Separate, this design ensures that the tube-and-tube heat exchanger can be freely stretched. The simple structure is representative of this tube-and-tube heat exchanger, so it is convenient to clean the tube-and-tube heat exchanger. And the heat transfer effect of this tube-type heat exchanger is also

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