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What is a stainless steel tank and how is it maintained?
Jun 26, 2018

If the tank is made of stainless steel, it can be called a stainless steel tank. Moreover, it is one of the tanks. Then, through the learning and understanding of the product, the following objectives will be achieved for operational use. At the same time, there will be good results and good economic benefits.


1. Basic knowledge of stainless steel tanks

Stainless steel tank This kind of tank is mainly used in material storage and transshipment, so it is suitable for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It has different types under different classification criteria. For example, it can be divided into two types, vertical and horizontal, according to the form, which can range from ordinary and sanitary grades according to sanitary standards.


Stainless steel tanks use an internationally-standard, standard quick-release chuck, with 304 or 316L stainless steel. In addition, the inner surface is mirror polished. On the nozzle, there are liquid level meter, air breathing port, CIP cleaning port, inlet and outlet port, and manhole.


2. Basic knowledge of stainless steel sterile tank

Stainless steel aseptic storage tank, which is a kind of stainless steel tank, has the advantages of simple structure, high productivity and easy cleaning, so it can be used in the mixing operation of pharmaceutical materials and various drugs. It is the pharmaceutical production of pharmaceutical plants. Is an essential equipment.


The stainless steel sterile storage tank is composed of five parts: a barrel body, a lid, an agitating paddle, and an inlet and outlet. The inlet and outlet ports are all made of 316L stainless steel, and the inside and outside of the barrel are polished. In addition, there is a cycloid planetary reducer at the top to stir the agitator. The number of feed inlets is generally two, and it is connected with the pipeline to do the batching work.


3. Maintenance of stainless steel tanks


(1) When the internal medium of the tank is drained, the access valve or blanking plate should be closed in time to cut off, and there should be a clear cut off sign.

(2) The maintenance of stainless steel tanks should be carried out by professionals. Not everyone can perform them to prevent problems or dangers during the process. In addition, personal protective equipment should be worn when working in the tank to ensure the safety of itself and operations.

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