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What are the performance characteristics of the resin reactor
Mar 03, 2019

In the treatment of products and mixing problems, the difference in equipment configuration and finished products according to the different products, and the requirements of the chemical reactor and the transfer process should be met for the principle and performance reference point of the resin reactor. The reaction speed is fast, the selectivity is good, the conversion rate is high, the product of interest is large, and the by-products are few.


The resin reactor should be able to input or output heat in a timely and effective manner, maintain the heat balance of the system, and make the reaction process at a suitable temperature; it should have sufficient mechanical strength and corrosion resistance to meet the pressure requirements of the reaction process and ensure the equipment. Durable, safe and reliable production; should be easy to manufacture, easy to install and repair, flexible operation and flexible, long production cycle.


Finally, the resin reactor is a comprehensive reaction vessel, designed according to the reaction conditions for the structure of the reactor and the configuration of the accessories. From the beginning of the feed-reaction-discharge, the pre-set reaction steps can be completed with a high degree of automation, temperature, pressure, mechanical control (stirring, blasting, etc.), reactants/products during the reaction. Strict regulation of important parameters such as

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