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What are the outstanding properties of stainless steel tanks in coatings?
Apr 25, 2018

Although the stainless steel used in stainless steel storage tanks is very good, the manufacturer will still apply a coating to the surface of the stainless steel tanks. This entire coating has excellent characteristics of use, which can promote the application of stainless steel tanks. In the chemical and petroleum industries, it is used as the main basic equipment.


Under normal circumstances, the coating thickness of stainless steel tanks can reach 100-150μm, but the heavy-duty coatings are all 300μm or more in thickness, and some can even be as high as 2000μm. Therefore, when actually brushing, we must master this thickness.


Coatings for stainless steel tanks can be used under harsh conditions or within certain temperature ranges. Even when used in bases, solvents, acids, and salts, they can be used for at least five years. This greatly extends the life of the entire device.


The binding force between the substrate and the coating of the stainless steel tank is very strong, mainly because the coating contains a hydroxyl group in the composition, and the hydroxyl group can form a chemical bond, and can be provided by the coupling agent to provide a higher Binding improves the quality of the coating.


The entire coating of the stainless steel tank is also repairable. Local scratches due to external forces can still be protected accordingly, and the coating will not be damaged by cutting and welding, even if it is coated with solder. , also will not affect the quality of welding.


In addition, stainless steel storage tanks also have excellent properties such as anti-aging, wear-resistance, high-resistance, radiation resistance, weather resistance, and low temperature on the coating, and effectively increase the service life of the tanks. It performs better in practical applications.


Of course, all the above properties of the stainless steel tank coating must be obtained, provided that a good quality coating is selected and the finished coating is formed by the correct brushing method in order to enhance the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel tank.

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