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Welding process and construction requirements of storage containers
Nov 15, 2018

Large-scale storage containers should be developed according to their welding procedure qualification reports before the construction, and the welding construction technical measures or the welding process instructions should be prepared. For large storage containers, it is necessary to weld the inner welds first, and then weld the outer welds. The long radial welds should be welded symmetrically and separated from the center.


The welding process of the storage container must meet the requirements of the welding process and the welding material. The welding of the positioning welding and the work clamp should be performed by the qualified welder. The arc starting should not be on the base metal or the finished weld bead. Scratches with a depth of more than 0.5mm, arc scratches, welds, etc. should be smoothed. The thickness of the polished steel plate should not be less than the nominal thickness of the steel plate minus the negative deviation.


The storage container should be inspected for assembly quality before welding, and the rust, moisture and dirt within 20 mm of both sides of the groove and the groove should be removed and should be fully dried. When the top plate of the storage container is welded with the angled angle steel, the weld bead is symmetrically and evenly distributed, and the weld is segmentally retracted in the same direction. The welding of the tank wall, first welding the vertical weld, and then welding the weld to the weld. After welding the longitudinal welds of the adjacent two-wall panels, the weld is welded in the circumferential direction; the welders are evenly distributed and in the same direction Welding.

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