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Ventilation mode of plate heat exchanger
Sep 14, 2020

Plate heat exchanger in the use of the process will produce heat, this is its ventilation function to play a role, its ventilation mode has two, the following is the specific introduction.


1. Blast type: the air first flows through the ventilator and then flows into the bundle; The operation cost is more economical, the turbulence generated is beneficial to heat transfer, and more are used.


2. Ventilation type: the air flows through the tube bundle first and then flows into the fan. The uniform airflow distribution is beneficial to the precise temperature control and low noise of plate heat exchanger.


The outlet temperature of the hot fluid is mainly controlled by regulating the air volume of the bundle, that is, adjusting the blade Angle of the plate heat exchanger, the fan speed and the opening degree of the louver. For the fluid which is easy to condense and freeze in winter, the outlet temperature of the fluid can be adjusted by means of hot air circulation or steam heating.


When plate heat exchanger is used, these two ventilation modes can be selected according to the use of the equipment.

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