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Use of stirred tank and its protection device
Jan 30, 2019

A lining interlayer vent is provided on the agitator lid and the reactor flange. A safety valve or safety blasting device can be installed on the lid according to the needs of the user. When the internal pressure exceeds the specified pressure, the safety valve will automatically open or rupture and automatically depressurize to ensure the safety of the equipment.


It should be noted that the safety valve is not calibrated and the safety valve is sealed with lead after calibration. The rupture disc must have a production certificate before it can be used. The YH series flame-retardant three-phase asynchronous motor is selected in the magnetic stirring kettle to prevent the motor from operating safely under flammable and explosive conditions.


The stirred tank is a reaction device that must be handled during operation. First, we must operate the reactor in strict accordance with the rules and regulations. Secondly, before operation, you should carefully check whether there are any abnormalities. During normal operation, do not open the top cover and touch the wiring terminals on the board. During the nitrogen pressure test, carefully observe the replacement pressure gauge, test the pressure, and immediately close it. Nitrogen valve switch; heating speed is not too fast, pressure should be slow, especially stirring speed, allowing slow speed.


Finally, when the stirred tank is heated to a higher temperature, do not touch the stirring tank to avoid burns. After the experiment, the temperature should be lowered, and rapid cooling is not allowed, so as to avoid damage caused by excessive temperature. The power should be removed in

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