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Unique design and superiority of stainless steel heat exchanger plates
Apr 17, 2018

Stainless steel heat exchanger is a kind of common heat exchanging device made up of many parts. The plate is its internal part used for insulating medium and heat exchange, and it is a very important part of the heat exchanger. Stainless steel heat exchanger plate material or stainless steel, titanium and titanium palladium based, it has what advantages?


The stainless steel heat exchanger uses a dovetail design for the plate suspension position. This unique shape can effectively prevent the plate from being deformed due to its own weight and extrusion. And since the plates use mutual locking properties, they can function as fixed ones.


Secondly, due to the special lines on the stainless steel heat exchanger plate, it is possible to cause significant turbulence in the flow channel, so that the water is not prone to scale on the surface of the plate, and even if scaling is formed, it is easily washed away by the water flow. Affects the heat transfer performance of the heat exchanger.


Through observation, it can be found that the stainless steel heat exchanger plate above the complex distribution of a complex pattern, all the plates have many parts, each part of the lines have different angles, and at the same time in the overlapping contact on all the plates above The variable flow channels and the grain design of the plates are simulated through computer simulation and actual operation to ensure efficient heat transfer efficiency.


In addition, there is a special point that the four sides of the stainless steel heat exchanger plate have a honeycomb design, which allows the user to judge the correct installation of the plate; and because of the use of a cassette-type adhesive-free type. , can greatly save future repair time.

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