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Understand the advantages and disadvantages of double-sided argon arc welding of stainless steel storage tank
Nov 19, 2020

Stainless steel storage tanks are generally atmospheric vessels, large volume, thin design wall plate, the commonly used welding process is manual welding rod welding, welding spatters, welding internal stress, large single-side welding deformation, welding quality is difficult to control. And argon arc welding can just overcome the above shortcomings, its welding process without spatter, no slag. However, due to the strong oxygen affinity of stainless steel, high temperature easy oxidation, single side ARGON arc welding bottom is prone to appear "slag weld", resulting in welding joint area "lean chromium", premature failure in corrosive medium. Moreover, single-side welding is greatly affected by groove group, which is prone to welding defects such as lack of penetration and root fusion. In order to solve the above defects of single-side ARGON arc welding and the deformation caused by the non-uniform internal stress of single-side ARGON arc welding, and improve the pass rate of non-destructive testing pieces, it is recommended to use double-sided welding, namely double-sided argon arc welding process.


Advantages of the process:


1. Good welding quality, high qualification rate of X-ray film, beautiful welding seam forming in tank wall.


2. The welding deformation is small, and the welding seam outside the tank wall is formed well.


3. Increased productivity (increased labor on the same job).


4. Save construction cost. Argon filled protection on the back of welding is not required, and root clearing and polishing on the back of welding are not required, saving argon gas and labor.


Disadvantages of the process:


1. Increased the difficulty of welding, requiring each group of welders to cooperate with each other to maintain the same welding speed.


2. The weld group has high requirements, and the weld group clearance is strictly controlled.

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