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Treatment scheme of heat exchanger cracking
Aug 29, 2020

Treatment scheme for heat exchanger cracking:


1. Disconnect the compression plate, and add upper expansion joint to the insulation ladder to absorb the expansion difference between the plate bundle and the compression plate. The expansion constraint of the heat exchanger plate width direction is reduced by removing the heat exchanger tube plate structure and adding the same vault cover on the upper part of the heat exchanger plate as on the lower part of the heat exchanger plate.


2. Update the comb tooth plate to insert structure, the end face only ACTS as a seal, the length (60mm) direction is consistent with the weld force of the plate, so that the bearing capacity is greatly improved. The mass of the heat exchanger plate bundle is borne by the newly installed tubesheet, which is clamped by the equipment flange. A supporting beam is arranged on the end face of the beam. Crack treatment reduces the channel length of inlet and outlet in order to improve the heat transfer effect.


3. An inlet hole is set in the upper shell of the heat exchanger to check the upper expansion joint of the plate bundle. When removing the tube bundle, the lower end of the upper expansion joint can be disconnected, and the upper shell and expansion joint of the heat exchanger can be disassembled and installed respectively.

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