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Titanium as the material of the reactor ? Where is it available?
Dec 30, 2017

The reactors we previously encountered were mostly made of stainless steel and glass-lined. However, according to different working conditions, the reactor can also use different titanium materials as raw materials, including pure titanium, composite titanium and titanium lining. Compared to this kind of material, which titanium composite reactor because of its superior performance, the price is lower than pure titanium reactor, the application is more extensive.


Although the titanium itself is a very lively material, it is easily passivated and the passivation layer is relatively stable. Therefore, it is very suitable for use as a reactor material in reaction with corrosive materials. Since the material has a high specific strength, excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance and fracture toughness, so the reactor in the aviation, aerospace, petrochemical, medical and geological fields are greatly favored.


In addition, reactors made from this special material are also used more and more widely in civil applications such as automotive, electric power, leisure and other industries. With the common use of titanium and its alloys, its welding performance is more and more important for users.


Titanium reactor material with the reaction medium is constantly scientific changes, with a light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, etc., and harmless to the human body, a beautiful metal texture, making the titanium reactor which is also being used.


However, such reactors in the application process, need to pay more attention to the work of the entire equipment and reducer, gear reducer lack of oil should be immediately added, the heating medium oil to be replaced every six months, the jacket and cover the upper part The safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, distillation holes, electric rods, electrical meters should be regularly checked and so on.

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