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Three points of disassembly and assembly of high pressure stainless steel reactor
Jan 04, 2021

The high-pressure stainless steel reactor after discharging should be cleaned immediately, and must be unloaded before cleaning. Now let's first understand the three precautions for the unloading of the high-pressure stainless steel reactor. 1 Fill the reaction solvent into the kettle from the exhaust valve. After cleaning most of the residue, inject water and stir for about ten minutes. Only then can the lid of the kettle be opened to clean the inner wall of the kettle; 2 When cleaning, there is It is necessary to clean the lid and sampling valve of the kettle, and when there is water in the kettle, fill it with nitrogen slightly; 3 For the stainless steel reactor that is not used temporarily, it is best to add 70% volume of clean absolute ethanol to the reactor to soak it. Do not tighten.

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