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The working process and forming materials of the blade cutting machine
Dec 28, 2019

In the process of cutting and scraping machine, its feeding methods are divided into three kinds: feeding, feeding, feeding. According to the characteristics of chemical materials, there are single drum and double drum. The material groove heat preservation has steam heat preservation, heat conduction oil circulation heat preservation, electric heat preservation.


The cutting and scraping machine is divided into open type and semi-closed type, fully closed type, vacuum type, nitrogen protection type. Blade material, brass, phosphor bronze, nylon, bakelite, alloy steel saw blade. Discharge system has single, double, etc. Special requirements: regular shape and size of the material, to ensure the thickness and size uniformity of the material.


The cooling system of the cutting and scraping machine is divided into jacket type or spray type. It is designed according to the size and specification of the slicer and the characteristics of the material during operation. In this way, the heat transfer efficiency and drum strength can be effectively improved and the output of relative products can be improved.


The cooling water of the blade cutting machine adopts packing seal or rotary joint, which can reliably prevent water leakage, and the new process is applied to reduce the consumption of cooling water. Both ends of the drum have heat insulation layer and side scraper, both ends of the drum do not knot, so there is no friction at both ends of the drum power consumption, to eliminate the problem of starting instability due to the end of the knot.


Blade cutting machine in working process, main is to heat the liquid raw material, when making use of through stainless steel inner cooling roller in the device's internal rotation manger adhesive tape to the front of the adjustable blade knife device to slice, thus completing a liquid by cooling blade into a solid piece of material, may also become the crystals of the raw materials of liquid by cooling blade. Widely used in chemical industry, grease and other industries.


The raw materials formed by the slicing machine can improve the grade of products more than other raw materials. And the equipment stability is good, the operation is convenient, the thickness of scraping material, the output can be decided according to the characteristics of the material, the speed of the drum, the speed of the feed. Scraper specifications can be customized according to the customer's quantitative.

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