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The use of the scraper characteristics
Apr 11, 2020

(1) design compact independent control panel to effectively control all important operations.


(2) the control panel inside the body and the independent control panel are fully synchronized, and the LCD screen can prompt the total thickness of the slice and the total thickness of the slice, the thickness of the trim, the thickness of the slice, and the important operating status.


(3) five slicing modes: single, continuous, step, half blade, programming.


(4) the section speed is automatically adjusted according to the section thickness.


(5) repair function can be closed. In the automatic state, the parameters of the repair block are automatically adjusted, and in the manual state, the parameters of the repair block can be determined programmatically.


(6) slice thickness and trim thickness can be independently selected and stored.


(7) visual and audio signals indicate the limit of the advance and retreat and the remaining injection distance during injection.

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