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The usage of tube heat exchanger is introduced
Aug 24, 2020

Tube-type heat exchanger is a kind of widely used nowadays. Its structure is simple, strong, easy to manufacture, wide range of data, disposal capacity can be large, strong adaptability. However, in terms of heat transfer efficiency, compactness of equipment and metal consumption per unit heat transfer area, it is slightly inferior to various plate condensers. The condenser usually consists of three types: fixed plate type, U-tube type and floating head type. The string-and-tube condenser is mainly composed of shell, tube plate, flower tube bundle and top cover.


The circular shell is loaded with parallel tube bundles, which are fixed on the tube plate at both ends. The fixation method of pipe on tube plate generally adopts welding method or expanding method. The top cover with the inlet or outlet pipe is connected with the flange at both ends of the housing with screws, and a fluid distribution chamber is formed between the top cover and the tube plate. When heat exchange is carried out in the string-tube condenser, the cooling water enters through the connecting pipe of the top cover and flows in the pipe. This path is called the pipe path. The harmful vapor flows in the gap between the tube bundle and the shell, which is called the shell path. The surface area of the bundle is the heat transfer area. In the process of condensing saturated vapor or non-condensable gas, it is generally better to condense in the shell side of the horizontal condenser, because it is more reasonable in terms of heat transfer, pressure drop and cleaning.

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