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The spiral baffle heat exchanger is variable speed of sound pressure
Mar 15, 2021

The variable sound velocity supercharged heat exchanger is a two-phase flow jet heat exchanger, which is widely used in various fields of steam - water heat exchange. Independent research and development by China Luoyang Lanhai Industrial Co., Ltd. It uses steam as power and compresses and mixes steam and water to increase the water temperature instantaneously. The pressure shock wave technology is used to achieve the effect of no external force supercharging. The remarkable energy-saving and supercharging characteristics greatly reduce the user's cost and can replace the traditional heat exchange. Device. The variable sound velocity supercharged heat exchanger is a hybrid steam - water heat exchange device. The steam is introduced into the mixing chamber in a jet state after adiabatic expansion technology, and the heated water that has undergone membrane treatment is uniformly mixed under the impact of steam to form A compressed mixture of steam and water with a certain calculated volume ratio forms a two-phase fluid field phenomenon when its instantaneous compression density reaches a certain value. Under the intensification of the field state, the sound velocity of the mixture has a transitional transition that breaks through the critical sound barrier, and a large number of pressure shock waves erupt at the same time. The unidirectional conduction characteristics of the pressure shock waves make the hot water that reaches the design temperature instantaneously appear in the constant cross-section pipe The pressure rises but there is no backflow phenomenon.

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