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The solution to the blockage of stainless steel storage tank
Nov 11, 2020

1, stainless steel storage tank resistance increased solution: if the invention desulfurization tower resistance increased, should be explained in accordance with the details of the judgment is sulfur block, alkali block, auxiliary salt block is still mechanical equipment residue block, and listen to the opinions of the relative treatment of punishment method. If the metal catalyst is the key reason for blocking the tower, you can stop adding the metal catalyst, and you can use the desulfurization metal catalyst with the role of washing the tower. If the packing block of the tower is mechanical equipment residue or total salinization material, the resistance of the tower after the presence of 888 shall not slump, but if the sulfur and salt compound, the salt will gradually dissolve and loosen as the sulfur is washed out. Loose raw materials in the filling section of desulfurization tower exercise from top to bottom, sometimes part of the resistance to expand, a few days later can be recovered.


2. In the whole process of desulfurization of stainless steel storage tank, the control staff should improve their sense of responsibility, really check the change of desulfurization system software resistance, and immediately report the invention to the production workshop and relevant departments. Held work status explanation meeting on time, set up statistical analysis ledger of sulfur production, statistically analyzed the sulfur created by shift change, improved sulfur acceptance rate, balanced sulfur, and floated sulfur content in depressed aqueous solution.


3. Improve the processing technology and operation application, stipulate that the stainless steel tank shall be reused continuously, overflow the sulfur foam plastics into the foam tank, and accept the residual liquid after settling into the system software application. According to the calculation of processing technology, the suitable amount of aqueous solution circulation system was selected, the amount of aqueous solution circulation system was promoted on time, and the filling section of desulfurization tower was cleaned intermittently. To increase the penalty of precleaning water body and semi-blast furnace gas. Before desulphurization, increase the water flow on the steam cleaner, turn on the electrostatic induction decoke, and lower the coal dust and soot tar into the desulphurization system software.

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