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The role of tank
Dec 07, 2017

If the air compressor gas comes out, it enters the gas storage tank, through the gas storage tank, filter, and then to the dryer. Because the compressor air shrinkage in the gas tank under the action of air through the gas tank when the high-speed airflow impact to the tank wall of the bus, in the gas tank so that the temperature drops quickly, so that a large number of water vapor liquid, thereby removing large amounts of water and oil, thus reducing the number of load cold dry machine (here we can do an experiment in the air storage tank of compressed air, the valve is below to a fully open, let the gas out from the drain valve, and soon will be the emergence of two possible: the drain valve is very cold, and can see a piece of the ice storage tank discharge; because the ice blocking will show 3- remaining 4 kg pressure does not come out. In this you can look out the cooling load of the gas tank) in the compressed air through the gas tank, because the gas tank can store a certain amount of air, and the output pressure of the relatively stable, smooth air flow through the filter and the filter function is also greatly improved, the service life of the filter can be extended, in the gas tank precision filter after the main buffer and play the role of energy storage, so that the air entering the workshop stable steady input! So the accurate pipeline configuration should be: air compressor, gas storage tank, primary filter, cold dry machine, precision filter, gas storage tank and user workshop.

The following functions are important in the use of gas storage tanks in the field: buffer, cooling, water removal and energy storage. If the customer's request for oil content is very high, it is recommended that two post filters (precision filter + activated carbon filter) be recommended. Some special industries, such as food, medicine, electronics, etc., even need to be equipped with adsorption dryer and absolute filter. (general configuration at the production site) after the disposal equipment configuration proposal: compactor, front gas storage tank, front filter, cold dryer, rear filter and rear storage tank.

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