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The role of rolling finned tubes in plate heat exchangers
Nov 17, 2018

In the plate heat exchanger, a copper tube is used as a blank, and the spiral outer fin is rolled at room temperature, or a heat transfer tube of various cross-sectional fins is rolled on both sides of the tube at the same time. The heat element, the sheet-and-tube heat exchanger assembled by the heat transfer element is used in refrigeration and low temperature technology because of its simple process, good heat transfer performance and no contact thermal resistance. The low-threaded tube has a small fining coefficient, usually only 3 to 4, so it is suitable for the case where the thermal resistance between the inner and outer sides is not too large.


In refrigeration technology, low-threaded tubes are commonly used in condensers for Freon refrigeration units and also in evaporators or steam exchangers. Due to the heat transfer enhancement on the refrigerant side, the thermal resistance on the cooling water side becomes a major aspect of the total thermal resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to improve from the internal structure of the heat transfer tube. This can be solved by promoting the turbulence of the cooling water.


Rolled finned tube-and-tube heat exchangers are also widely used in small air separation plants and hydrogen and helium liquefaction plants. Their structural characteristics are basically the same as those described above, and the geometrical dimensions are naturally larger. In addition to the above-mentioned basic main finned tubes, new high-efficiency heat transfer tubes of various structural types are being actively developed. For example, the porous surface made by mechanical processing, sintering, spraying, brazing, electroplating foam metal capping layer and the like to strengthen the phase change heat can significantly increase the heat flux density and reduce the heat transfer temperature difference, which reduces the cooling The irreversible loss of heat transfer with cryogenic devices is significant.

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