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The role and classification of chemical reactor
Feb 22, 2019

The chemical reaction kettle is divided into a high pressure reaction kettle and a normal pressure negative pressure reaction kettle from the pressure resistance; the material is divided into stainless steel and glass kettle; from the heating method, there is electric heating, oil bath heating, induction heating, etc.; There are magnetic coupling stirring, magnetic stirring, and motor agitation on the upper part; there are ordinary no-lifting, lifting of the handwheel, electric lifting, lifting and so on.


The chemical reaction kettle has the advantages of visualization, but the pressure is generally not large. The three-jacket reaction kettle and the double-layer jacketed reaction vessel are not suitable for the reaction at very low temperature. The three jackets have a vacuum isolation compartment that enables deep low temperatures.


The chemical reaction kettle realizes the heating, evaporation, cooling and low-speed mixing function required by the process through the structural design and parameter configuration of the container. The pressure requirements during the reaction process also have different design requirements for the container. Production must be processed, tested and commissioned in strict accordance with the corresponding standards. Stainless steel reactor According to different production processes and operating conditions, the design structure and parameters of the chemical reactor are different, that is, the structure of the reactor is different, and it belongs to non-standard container

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