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The heat transfer effect of spiral tube heat exchanger is significantly improved
Nov 05, 2020

Helical spiral wound heat exchanger has a unique design on the connection mode of the pipe, that is, the Angle between the two pipe centerlines at both ends of the head is 90°. This design has a significant effect on improving the heat transfer performance of the heat exchanger and reducing the scaling tendency. Spiral pipe heat exchange tube adopts the form of double thread tube, the surface of the tube bundle design cycle change ring thread, when the heat exchange tube material flow inside and outside, because of the constant change of flow section and flow direction, impact laminar bottom layer, improve the fluid turbulence intensity and turbulence heat capacity.


The heat exchange tube bundles are processed into spiral wound structure by special technology. The two ends of the heat exchange tube bundle are fixed on the tubesheet through the process of first strength expansion and then welding. The tube bundle and tubesheet are encapsulated in the shell of the heat exchanger, and the tubesheet is welded on the two ends of the head. Increase the heat transfer area per unit volume, and the length of the heat transfer tube after winding can reach 4 ~ 6 times of the shell length, so that the heat media stays in the heat transfer tube for a long time and the heat transfer is more sufficient. As the fluid passes through the two sides, it moves along the axis, constantly changing the direction of fluid motion. At the same time of increasing the turbulence intensity of the threaded pipe, the heat transfer is strengthened again to maintain the stable and continuous strengthening effect, so that the heat transfer effect is significantly improved.

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