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The functional advantages of the storage container and the ease of installation and maintenance
Oct 12, 2018

The storage container has high heat transfer efficiency and is not easy to scale. To some extent, it can quantitatively heat the viscous liquid, how much heating is needed, and the viscous liquid of the storage container does not have local high temperature and carbonization, thereby ensuring the quality of the viscous liquid and Heater heat transfer efficiency.


The temperature of the oil outlet in the storage container is the highest, so that the fluidity of the viscous liquid can be poured out, the viscous liquid color is ensured, and the cost of the viscous liquid treatment is reduced. Long service life, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and anti-fouling function greatly improve the overall performance of the heat exchanger.


The process structure of the storage container is very advanced in design, so that the smooth flow of the viscous liquid and the better "can bottom" effect can be ensured. It can realize automatic control, and can control the steam feed amount according to the inlet and outlet temperature and the oil flow rate of the viscous liquid. The storage container is compact in structure and convenient to install and maintain, and to a certain extent, it does not affect the safety of the tank due to the installation of the heater.

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