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The fluid connection indirect tube heat exchanger principle
Feb 26, 2021

Fluid connection indirect heat exchanger Fluid connection indirect heat exchanger is a heat exchanger that connects two surface heat exchangers by a heat carrier circulating in it. The heat carrier is between the high temperature fluid heat exchanger and the low temperature fluid. Inter-circulation, the high-temperature fluid receives heat, and the low-temperature fluid heat exchanger releases the heat to the low-temperature fluid.Direct contact heat exchangers are also called hybrid heat exchangers. This type of heat exchanger is a device where two fluids are in direct contact and mix with each other to exchange heat, such as cold water towers, gas condensers, etc. The compound heat exchanger has both steam-water surface indirect heat exchange and water-water direct mixed flow heat exchange equipment. Compared with steam-water surface indirect heat exchange, it has higher heat exchange efficiency; compared with steam-water direct mixed heat exchange, it has higher stability and lower unit noise.

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