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The effect of scale on spiral plate heat exchanger equipment
Apr 17, 2020

There are many types of heat exchanger equipment, and the spiral plate heat exchanger is one of them, it according to different structures to classify it can be divided into non-detachable and detachable. Not detachable type of screw channel with welding to seal, this is to have good sealing, and the structure principle of detachable with not detachable almost all the same, but it has a channel can be opened for cleaning, like that kind of a viscous or precipitation of the liquid is more suitable to use this for heat exchange. There is a detachable type is two channels can be taken apart to clean, use more widely.


After the equipment is used for a period of time, it will produce some dirt more or less, which needs to be treated. If it is allowed to continue running, it will have a certain impact on the equipment. After the operation of the spiral plate heat exchanger for a long time, there will be a layer of white dirt on the inner and outer walls, this is scale, the water contains a small degree of solubility of the composition will become adhesive scale because of the water temperature up and down. Attached to the heat transfer surface of the heat exchanger is difficult to clean, in addition to spending a certain amount of maintenance costs will also consume manpower and material resources, and it will affect the service life of the heat exchanger.


In addition, the generation of scale will make the internal and external flow section of the heat transfer surface smaller, so the circulation resistance of circulating water will become larger, and then more serious may lead to smaller and smaller section, and then completely blocked to this time, the spiral plate heat exchanger can not work normally. The presence of scale will make the heat transfer on the heating surface worse, so there is no way to make it have an ideal temperature drop, because the heat conductivity of scale is very poor. The word of ditch can use medicine to soften treatment, also can use ion rod to undertake antiscale water treatment, this is a kind of advanced water treatment equipment, the effect is very remarkable. Still have can use magnetization to prevent scale processing, it is to use the polarity principle of water molecule.

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