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The difference between single flow and double flow of plate heat exchanger
Sep 18, 2020

A lot of people in the selection of plate heat exchanger, are very hesitant in the end is the choice of single flow or double flow is good, so today xiaobian to tell you the difference between the two, so as to help you a deeper understanding of this aspect, more quickly select the heat exchanger in line with their own needs.


First of all, the flow of plate heat exchanger refers to a set of parallel flow channels in the same flow direction of a medium, and the medium flow channel composed of two adjacent plates.


1. A single flow plate heat exchanger refers to the medium flowing through a flow in the heat exchanger.


2. Double-flow plate heat exchanger refers to the medium retracing and flowing through two processes in the heat exchanger.


So in general, one is a single and one is a double. In fact, the most important difference is the channel form inside. The single flow is that there are blind plates at the end and the end, while the double flow may have two or more blind plates in the middle of the plate, making the medium retrace.


Therefore, in general, no matter single flow or double flow plate heat exchanger can provide users with good heat transfer efficiency, so we don't have to worry too much about this aspect.

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