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The correct choice of materials in the chemical reactor
Nov 22, 2018

In addition to the chemical tank, the chemical reactor can be directly weakened and weakly alkaline, high temperature and high pressure internal corrosion test, and can also be matched with Nei Village for high pressure and high temperature corrosion resistance test. Generally, it is equipped with a material lining of para-polyphenylene. Due to the great rigidity and regularity of the molecular chain of the para-polyphenylene, it is infusible and insoluble, and it is difficult to process itself. It needs to be mixed with other materials.


The lining of the chemical reactor should be selected to have high temperature resistance. In the case of para-polyphenylene, it burns "polyphenylene" powder in a high temperature furnace at 520 ° C to start decomposition, no melting point, and heat at 450 ° C for a long time. It is a kind of engineering plastic that has been used for a long time under 400 °C.


At the same time, it also requires good radiation resistance, electrical properties, chemical resistance and solvent-resistant materials. The para-polyphenylene can also be used as the lining material of the chemical reaction kettle, which can not only make it better. The chemical reaction also protects the reactor from being affected.

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