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The composition and advantages of the sleeve heat exchanger
Jun 01, 2020

Casing heat exchanger is a kind of tube heat exchanger. It is a concentric casing made of two standard tubes with different sizes. The outer side is called the shell side and the inner side is called the tube side. Two different media can flow in the reverse direction (or the same direction) in the shell side and the tube side to achieve the effect of heat exchange. Tubular heat exchangers are usually composed of shell (including inner shell and outer shell), U-shaped elbow, stuffing box and so on.


The advantages of the tube-type heat exchanger are:

◆Simple structure, able to withstand high pressure;

◆The heat transfer area can be increased or decreased according to the needs, and the application is convenient.

The disadvantages of the tube heat exchanger are:

◆There are many joints between pipes, easy to leak;

◆Large floor area, large amount of metal consumption per unit heat transfer surface.

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