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The ceramic heat exchanger main advantage
Mar 05, 2021

The production process of ceramic heat exchangers is basically the same as that of kiln furniture.Thermal conductivity and oxidation resistance are the main application properties of the material.Its principle is to place the ceramic heat exchanger near the flue outlet, where the temperature is relatively high. It does not require cold air and high temperature protection. When the furnace temperature is 1250-1450°C , the flue outlet temperature should be 1000- At 1300℃ , the waste heat recovered by the ceramic heat exchanger can reach 450-750℃ , and the recovered hot air is sent to the kiln to form a mixture with fuel gas for combustion, which directly reduces production costs and increases economic benefits. Ceramic heat exchangers have been well developed under the limitation of the use of metal heat exchangers, because they better solve the problems of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Its main advantages are: good thermal conductivity, high high temperature strength, good oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance. Long life, small maintenance, reliable and stable performance, easy operation.

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