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The cause of the noise of the heat exchanger
Sep 22, 2020

In the process of using the heat exchanger, noise failure may occur, which will cause some trouble to the equipment itself and the staff. Through the analysis of relevant personnel, the reasons for the noise caused by the heat exchanger are as follows:


The existing sound insulation, heat exchanger hood body only consider the damping, sound insulation sound-absorbing do not make sound waves through the sound-absorbing surface acoustic energy attenuation somewhat later, but at this point is the main in the high frequency on acoustic wave filter, almost no have any effect for the low frequency isolation) sound waves through the sound-absorbing level will also stimulate enclosures after body rigidity structure to vibrate.


Second, it is necessary to point out that the foundation platform of the unit was not equipped with damping and vibration suppression treatment at the beginning of installation (this is also the main reason for the near-surface vibration).


Three, existing ventilation system into the outlet of sound insulation cover only simple shutter, for heat exchanger were leaked noise in low frequency is given priority to, almost no isolation effect, at the same time for the operation of the existing equipment heat dissipation requirements nor (no drainage design is difficult to ensure sufficient ventilation rate, cooling requirements to reach).


4. When the external pipe of the heat exchanger passes through the sound enclosure, there is no sealed shockabsorbing damping treatment, which will resonate with the generated structure.


5. The pipelines, pipelines and cable trenches entering and leaving the room have not been soundproof and muffled.

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