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The basic essentials to use the reactor to master
Feb 07, 2018

In order to ensure the safety of the reactor during the operation, it is necessary to be connected to the ground wire, but also not empty material or dry work; to extend the life of the reactor, the magnetic stirrer motor with a fan cooling function, In order to be able to play a timely cooling effect.


Precisely because of this, the reactor for heating experiments, especially high temperature heating experiment, the device can not be used alone to do heating, the service is transferred to the rotation or medium speed rotation to prevent the motor and electrical damage by high temperature radiation. When high-temperature heating is over, please turn off the heating switch and wait for a few minutes and then turn off the stirring switch. Heating part of the higher temperatures, be careful when working, so as not to burn.


The first use of the reactor, the use of heating wire heating sets of white smoke and odor emerges from white to brown and then change to white color is a normal phenomenon, mainly because of glass fiber in the production process contains oleaginous And other compounds, should be placed in ventilated place, disappear after a few minutes can be used normally.


If you find liquid spilled into the reactor sleeve, be sure to turn off the power the first time, and the equipment on the ventilated place to be dried before use, so as to avoid leakage or electrical short circuit danger. Ambient humidity is relatively large circumstances, there may be induced through the insulation to the shell, please ground line to avoid leakage, and pay attention to ventilation.


If the reactor will not be used for a long time, try to keep it properly and keep it in a dry, non-corrosive environment. If the product or product referred to in this manual due to the improvement of the contents of this manual are different, be sure to promptly contact with the manufacturer.

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