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The anti-static effect of the stainless steel reactor device
Dec 31, 2020

It is also equipped with an electrostatic smoother. After the autoclave passes through the filter, the fluid enters the azimuth device in front of the storage tank with an electrostatic smoother. Prevent water and autoclave media from being mixed and transported together, prevent different media from being mixed and transported together, and prevent liquid media, oil and gas and compressed air from being transported together. Even if the storage tank is dehydrated, pay special attention to dehydration before feeding. To control the medium injection method, the medium should be injected from the bottom of the storage tank, and try to prevent the medium from being injected from the top of the storage tank and bridge. The floating roof of the floating roof tank should be bridged with the tank wall; the pipeline and valve, flow meter, filter, pump, and tank should be bridged when insulating materials are used or corroded; the flow rate of the medium is controlled, the higher the flow rate, the easier it is to generate static electricity In addition, by adding antistatic additives in the autoclave, the static charge inside the medium can not accumulate, and it will quickly leak to the earth through the jumper load.

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