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Technical standard for stainless steel storage tanks
Nov 10, 2020

1. Stainless steel storage tanks shall comply with the requirements and specifications, and shall be manufactured in accordance with the proportion of drawings to prevent specification errors.


2. After the electric welding of the stainless steel storage tank, each standard part and connection part shall not be loosened or welded. If there is any problem, it shall be solved immediately. Its welding to be round, and surface welding surface to be smooth and clean, there is no welding tumor, vent, crack and other shortcomings or problems. Stainless steel tank tank tank welding, must be carried out polishing solution.


3. The thick bottom plate at the bottom of the stainless steel storage tank shall be even, and the hand holes at the top shall be thoroughly welded.


4, stainless steel storage tank if there is a thermal insulation layer, then the surface between the two should be solid fusion. Heat insulation layer used by the raw materials, should be cost-effective heat insulation materials.


5. When the stainless steel storage tank is filled with water, no leakage or seepage is allowed, and no significant deformation is allowed.


6, stainless steel storage tank inside and outside the highlighted part of the hole, should carry out some safety protection solution, such as the opposite side, in order to prevent death.

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