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Structure and function of industrial reactor water separation device
Dec 13, 2018

The interior of the industrial reactor will have a water distribution device during the design process, and its main function is also unique. When used, most of the water and impurities inside the stainless steel reactor can be removed, thereby improving the quality of the resin. . Because of the extra water distribution device, the energy loss can also be reduced, which can reduce the cost of its use.


This water-discharging device of the industrial reactor is mainly composed of three parts: the switch valve, the sight glass and the take-over. When using it, it must be drained in time and accurately, and it is necessary to avoid the drainage not being timely and the water separator does not function as a water separator. It is also necessary to avoid waste and pollution caused by the discharge of solvent as water.


When the industrial reactor is in the reaction stage, the communication valve must be opened. The main purpose is to prevent backflow when there is pressure in the kettle. In the case of vacuum feeding or discharging, the return valve must also be closed and vented. The valve prevents the solvent and water in the trap from being drawn into the reactor.


In general, industrial reactors are filled with effective foundations and their actual needs. As long as they do not exceed 80% in use, if the solubility of ligands in industrial reactors is small, it can be considered that the filling degree is larger and the pressure will increase. Big, but don't have too much fill.

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