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Structural characteristics of reaction kettle
Apr 08, 2020

The reactor is composed of the body, lid, jacket, agitator, transmission device, shaft seal device and support. Mixing device in the high diameter is relatively large, the use of multi-layer mixing blade, can also be optional according to the user's requirements. A jacket is arranged outside the kettle wall, or a displacement heat surface is arranged inside the vessel. Heat exchange can also be carried out through an external cycle. The supporting seat has supporting type or ear type support. Gear reducer should be used when the speed exceeds 160. The number of holes, specification or other requirements can be designed and made according to the user's requirements.


1 usually in the atmospheric pressure or low pressure conditions with packing seal, the general use pressure is less than 2 kg.


2. Mechanical seals will be used in general medium pressure or vacuuming situations, the general pressure is negative pressure or 4 kg.


3. Under the condition of high pressure or high volatility of medium, magnetic seal will be used. The general pressure is more than 14 kg. In addition to the magnetic seal are water cooling, other seal forms more than 120 degrees above will increase the cooling water jacket.

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