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Structural Characteristics and Application Evaluation of Spiral Plate Condenser
Sep 28, 2018

The spiral plate heat exchanger is small in size, takes up less space, and has higher heat transfer efficiency, which is about two to four times the heat transfer power of the tube-and-tube heat exchanger, because the spiral plate heat exchanger can have a low flow rate in liquid or gas. In the case of enhanced gas or liquid disturbance, the turbulence and eddies during the period enhance the heat transfer effect and power, thereby improving work efficiency.


In addition, from the overall structure analysis, the spiral plate heat exchanger consumes less raw materials, and the metal consumables used per square meter are about 30% less than the tubular type, which has high economic benefits. In actual work, the loss of heat is small, which can improve the utilization of waste heat. Since only the structure around the plate contacts the external air environment during use, the heat loss is small, and under the same conditions, the amount of steam can be greatly reduced, thereby reducing the use process. Energy and economic input.


Another obvious advantage is anti-corrosion and less fouling. The spiral plate heat exchanger realizes the process of conveying impurities by disturbance to gas or liquid, so the adhesion and adhesion of impurities during transportation are not very high. Obviously, compared with the tubular heat exchanger, it has less dirt, and the numerical value measured by actual use is only about one tenth of that of the tubular heat exchanger.


In addition, the spiral plate heat exchanger has high corrosion resistance and can significantly improve the service life of the heat exchanger. As a user, what is the evaluation of the use effect of the heat exchanger? The first is to significantly improve the recovery rate of chemical products. Because the spiral plate heat exchanger has high heat transfer efficiency, sufficient materials and simple control technology, it has better waste recycling in the application process. Utilization and more efficient work efficiency.


In this way, the work record is constantly refreshed in the work practice, and the spiral plate heat exchanger has a long service life and less use failure, so it has significant advantages in improving production efficiency and better. Application prospects. Secondly, it has improved economic efficiency. With less economic input and better work efficiency, it has greatly reduced the cost of acquisition and the production suspension caused by maintenance, which has brought greater economic benefits to the company. The profit margin of the enterprise.


Under the same production conditions, the use of spiral plate heat exchangers can reduce the cost. In addition, the service life of the production equipment can be extended. This is because the spiral plate heat exchanger has a small dirt inside the pipe, so it is not prone to blockage or smashing, and has a long service life, which can well ensure the smooth progress of production.

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