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Stirrer, heating method and protective device of magnetic stirrer
May 03, 2018

Under the impetus of technology, there are more and more types of stirred tanks, and magnetic stirring tanks are very common ones. In addition to its own high stability, this product can also produce various heating methods according to customer requirements to meet different heating needs.


The main difference between it and the ordinary stirred tank is the stirrer, and the ordinary stirred tank uses the mechanical seal type or the packing sealed type stirrer. This kind of stirrer can easily leak the high pressure kettle material in the kettle under high pressure conditions, especially in the This stirrer cannot be used in the case of reaction with toxic media.


The magnetic stirrer's stirrer is a magnetic static sealer, which can effectively solve the shortcomings of the mechanical or packing sealer unable to achieve sealing under high temperature conditions, and is especially applicable to the reaction conditions that require zero leakage of material.


Magnetic stirring kettles mainly include far-infrared heating, steam heating, water bath circulation heating, heating oil heating or heating oil heating and other heating methods. Mainly through the oil circulation steam, by welding the jacket outside the kettle, or directly in the jacket directly into the electric heating tube heating.


Safe and efficient use of the effect must not only have a suitable heating method to match, but also requires that the magnetic stirring tank has a perfect safety and protection devices. For example, on the lid of the magnetic stirrer and the flange of the kettle body, there is a lining interlayer vent hole. If there is leakage, look it up here and take protective measures in time.


At the same time, according to the needs of users, magnetically agitated kettle lids can be equipped with safety valves or safety blasting devices. When the pressure in the tank exceeds the specified pressure, the safety valve will automatically open or burst with a bursting disc to reduce the pressure on its own to ensure the safety of the equipment. . It should be noted that the safety valve is not to be used without calibration, and the seal is added after calibration. If you use a rupture disc, you must have a production certificate to use.


In order to further improve the safety during the operation of the magnetic stirrer, the magnetic stirrer also uses an advanced flameproof 3-phase asynchronous motor to protect the motor from operating safely under flammable and explosive conditions.

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