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Steps for proper installation of the mechanical seal of the reactor
Oct 07, 2020

(1) First check the quality of the mechanical seal (whether there are scratches and other marks on the end face of the moving and static rings).


(2) Clean the O-ring and foreign matter on the surface of moving ring and moving and static ring with a clean soft cloth, and apply a small amount of lubricating oil on the surface according to the use requirements of medium in the tank.


(3) Check the levelness of the static ring of the mechanical seal and the perpendicularity of the seal section of the stirring shaft with the level instrument and dial indicator, and correct to the specified requirements.


(4) Install the fixing mechanical seal base and the fixing ring, and adjust the hexangular set screw of the fixing ring on the stirring shaft to make the spring of the mechanical seal bear force evenly, and ensure that the end face of the moving and static ring of the mechanical seal is tightly bound for the final assembly and commissioning.


(5) If the balance tank is fixed on the rack as required, connect the pipeline of sealing liquid inlet and outlet with mechanical seal, connect the pipeline of nitrogen bottle, pressure reducer and balance tank, connect the water jacket after the static pressure meets the requirements, and pass the cooling water until the complete machine is tested.


(6) When the temperature of the medium in the stainless steel reactor is below 80℃, refueling in the cooling tank for cooling, the type of refueling should not affect the quality of the material in the tank, generally there should be high heat of vaporization, clean without any impurities, there is a good lubrication function. When the medium temperature is higher than 80℃, the bottom cooling water jacket and cooling tank are used for circulating water cooling.

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