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Step of water filling and leakage test for the reactor
Oct 09, 2020

1. Before the water filling test, all accessories and other components welded with the stainless steel reactor body shall be completed.


2. Before the water filling test, all welds related to the tightness test shall not be painted.


3. Fresh water shall be used for the water filling test, and the water temperature shall not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius. For the stainless steel reactor, the chlorine ion content in the water shall not exceed 25mg/L, and the water used for the aluminum floating roof test shall not have corrosion effect on aluminum.


4. Before the water filling test, the reinforcement ring should be filled with 0.1-0.2mpa compressed air for weld leak detection.


5. During the water filling test, the observation of foundation settlement shall be strengthened. In the water filling test, if the foundation fails to settle, the water filling shall be stopped and the test shall be continued after treatment.


6. In the process of water filling and discharging, the breathing valve should be opened and the foundation should not be flooded. The water filling height should be at a high operating liquid level, which should be maintained at 48h when the strength of the stainless steel reactor is tested. If leakage is found, water should be released. Before releasing water, make a mark and make the liquid level about 300mm below the leakage point, and then conduct repair welding.


7. For strength and leak test on the top of the stainless steel reaction kettle, stainless steel under water level should be at the highest level within the reaction kettle lm slow filling water booster, when to test pressure (1.1 times of design pressure within) observe the empowerments no abnormal deformation, weld no leakage for qualified (with soap and water), stainless steel reactor stability test should be on the top of the water filling for a high level design, use the water method. When the test should be slow step-down, to the test of negative pressure, stainless steel reactor top without abnormal deformation is qualified, the above two tests should immediately make the storage of stainless steel reactor and the atmosphere inside the communication, restore to normal pressure, causing temperature drastic changes in the weather, should not do fixed roof strength, tightness and stability test.

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