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Stainless steel tanks are used for storage
Mar 24, 2020

"Many of the receiving areas are too small for ISO tank trucks to enter, or the customer's storage tanks are not large enough to receive ISO tanks," explains a logistics manager in Tokyo for a large American company that often exports chemicals to Japanese customers.


"In some places, the roads are not wide enough for the ISO tank to pass through. At the same time, in order to transport safely, we must fill the ISO tank to reduce contact with air: partial loading is not safe, or may degrade the quality of the material being transported. In addition, some roads may not be able to support the weight of the ISO tank or may have restrictions on the height of the ISO tank." For these reasons, some companies use smaller, lightweight tanks.


Storage solution


At the same time, ISO tanks provide a new chemical storage solution for a growing number of companies. In many parts of Japan, leased chemical terminal storage capacity is limited because of a lack of land suitable for new tank storage facilities. For companies that do not have enough space to build their own permanent tanks or are denied planning permits, renting ISO tanks or smaller tanks to store chemicals on the site is a common practical option. These companies may have previously been receiving chemicals in small containers, such as 200 litres of metal drums, but have recently started importing the required chemicals in bulk.


"In the next few years, as the volume of imports of chemicals increases, storage demand will increase, but no new storage capacity is planned, so more ISO tanks will be used to store the chemicals," Taiji Tano said.


Whether transported or stored, nickel-containing stainless steel will help Japan's chemical industry thrive as it supplies the world with complex value-added chemicals used in modern times.

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