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Stainless steel tanks are used for dangerous liquid transportation
Mar 25, 2020

Stainless steel is used for dangerous liquid transportation. An ISO (international organization for standardization) standard tank is a stainless steel container usually covered with a polyurethane or aluminum insulation layer or a protective layer. The two most commonly used grades of stainless steel for tank transport of hazardous liquids (e.g. chemicals) are type 304L (S30403) and type 316L (S31603) nickel-containing stainless steel. For end users of specialty chemicals, a few ISO tanks are made of duplex or high-alloy stainless steel. Other ISO cans are lined.


Food and drinking-related liquids (such as beer) are commonly used in type 304L stainless steel, while type 316L is also used in food-related liquids, such as cooking oil. The thickness of the stainless steel plates used to make the tank varies, but a typical tank for transporting dangerous liquids (such as chemicals) is made of stainless steel plates 4.0-4.5mm thick, while a maximum thickness of 15.0mm is used to make the tank.

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