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Stainless steel tank structure
Apr 20, 2020

Composition of stainless steel storage tank:


Mainly by the valve cover, inflatable mouth, air bags, carbon steel tanks, flange, when its connected to the water system, mainly ACTS as an accumulator, when the system pressure is greater than the tank carbon steel water tanks in the air between the nitrogen pressure, the system under the action of water pressure in the system into the tank bag inside, this is the nitrogen tank will be compressed between the air bag, reduce the volume, pressure; The second is to increase the water holding space of the whole system, so that the pressure of the system is reduced, and the water will not stop flowing until the pressure of the system water and the nitrogen pressure between the tank and the air bag reach a new balance. When the system pressure is less than the water expansion tank of gas pressure, the water in the air in the tank in air between the nitrogen pressure extrusion, back filling system, the system of water volume decrease the pressure rise, tanks between air nitrogen volume increase pressure drop, until reaching a new equilibrium, both the water stop back from air extrusion system, the role of pressure can rise to adjust the system pressure fluctuations. Structure is as follows: tanks between the air bag is factory prefi lled nitrogen tank for outside layer of the lacquer that bake, in and out of the gate with tee or metal hose directly connected to the system, exhaust valve interface can timely discharge system and the overflow of the water in the air, air gate valves can also be used directly close to death, in order to avoid water spilled from the top, below the dust cap is charge/discharge port, can complement part of nitrogen or put gas.

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